Everything is random.
I don't plan anything anymore, as I learned not to do so in the past.
My life dictates what I experience daily, my dreams advise me how to perceive reality.
Let's call it a Private Parallel Universe.

The style of my work changes accordingly.
I like diversity in the media I use as much as in life.
My choice of techniques is always intuitive.
I call myself a Colourist.
However, my next exhibition may be monochromatic.
Or not.
Everything is random after all.

I am also an avid traveler.
My work is often influenced by the Folk Art of places I visit.
I always treat the local folklore with utmost respect.

My work is very personal and it should speak for itself.
I am not a person who likes to stand in front of my image explaining the meaning of it.
Sometimes, people notice things in my work, that I did not create consciously. Those are the best moments.
Every image I create represents a page of my life.
It is my version of a personal journal.
Currently, I am working in acrylic on canvas and gouache/ink on paper.
It may change tomorrow.